Waste Oil Heaters

What Are Waste Oil and Waste Oil Heaters?

Waste oil is any petroleum-based oil that has become unsuitable for its original purpose due to the presence of impurities or loss of original properties. In the past, disposal of waste oil meant paying someone to haul it away. But “cradle to grave” laws and regulations meant that a company could still be held liable for waste oil disposed this way.
Waste oil heaters provide customers with an economical alternative to disposing of used oil. With waste oil heaters, waste oil can be safely disposed of onsite while providing a secondary source for heating shop space. As energy prices climb, waste oil heaters are gaining ever-increasing popularity.

Why Choose EnergyLogic’s Waste Oil Heater?

EnergyLogic’s waste oil heaters feature atomizing technology for efficient, clean combustion of used crankcase oil, transmission and hydraulic fluids, as well as other petroleum-based lubricants (any weight combination up to SAE 50, including #2 fuel oil). Not only will an EnergyLogic waste oil heater reduce heating bills by serving as a secondary heating source, it also eliminates the cost of hauling used oil off-site for disposal. The combination can save businesses thousands of dollars a year.

EnergyLogic has packed industrial grade quality and performance into four models equipped with the following features:

  • BTU input ranging from 155,000 to 500,000
  • Swing-out removable burner to allow easy access to the heat exchanger for cleaning and maintenance
  • Integrated air compressor for producing clean, dry air and eliminating the need for shop air plumbing (single-pass exchangers only)
  • Premium “J” style long-distance waste oil supply pump for consistent, trouble-free operation
  • Lifetime limited warranty on single-pass heat exchangers (10-year warranty on triple-pass exchanger)
  • Multi-directional air louvers that give the customer the ability to direct the heat where they need it Download the WOH product sheet

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